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    How Drinking Pure Water Can Improve Your Health

    Since most of us are no longer tuned in to your bodies the way our ancestors were hundreds of years ago, we may be overlooking our body’s needs for water. The major symptoms of dehydration are thirst, dry skin, dark colored urine and fatigue but there are some commonly overlooked symptoms of chronic dehydration: Digestive problems such as constipation Urinary tract infections Chronic fatigue syndrome Premature aging High cholesterol Weight gain   So, How Much Water Should We Drink? Well, the “enough” amount of water should be able to turn your urine a light-colored yellow. If you are outside on a hot day or doing an energy consuming activity, it…

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    The Most Dangerous Types of Water You Can Drink

    With all the different types of water out there, it can be very easy to get confused about which water is really best for your health. Most of us live in urban areas and need to rely on commercial water distribution systems that are often loaded with chlorine, disinfection by-products, fluoride, and many other toxins. To make things worse, every year, a greater number of contaminants are uncovered in public and private water supplies. And with each passing day, we learn more about how these substances have the potential to harm our health. What’s inside your glass of water? If you’re like most people, you probably take your drinking water…

  • Industrial Air Purifier

    Experience the new European standard with 360-degree air intake that can capture pollutants all around areas and 360-degree pure air output. AirSolution360 has developed powerful air purifiers, for the most demanding environments. AIRMASTER comes in 4 sizes, with filtration capacity 1,000 up to 8,000 m3/h. Perfectly designed for Industrial Air Purifier.
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    Activated Media Filters

    Water often contains unwanted substances – “dissolved solids”. Dissolved solids are defined as those smaller than 0.5 micron. They cannot be removed by sand filters, dual-media filters or by multi-media filters. Removing them requires the use of membranes or media that are “activated”. There are a variety of activated media, such as wood (soft & hard), coal, coconut shells, peats and others. Each tailored to the removal of one or more specific dissolved substances. They work via adsorption, absorption or ion exchange, and must be replaced regularly. In all, these media can remove more than 200 dissolved substances. Examples of dissolved substances often found in water sources such as ground…

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    Is A Day-Old Water Safe To Drink?

    Have your tried water that’s been left overnight, or even for another day? How do you think about the taste? Treated water’s added chlorine that takes care of microorganisms, but at room temperature they begin to multiply rapidly and can really get the things crazy. But that’s not what makes old water taste stale. For that we can thank carbon dioxide. After about 12 hours tap water starts to go flat as carbon dioxide in the air starts to mix with the water in the glass, lowering its pH and giving it an off taste. But it’s most likely safe to drink. However, back to those microorganisms. Be careful if…

  • Air Purifier for Large Rooms

    Get swirled around the unique design of AIRPRO air purifier by AirSolution360. 360 degrees air intake and output for fresher and healthier air. All HEPA filters are tested individually and have at least 99.95% (hepa 13) and 99.995% (hepa 14) filtration efficiency for particles 0.1– 0.2 μm* in size. This particle size is the most difficult to capture in the air filtration system.
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    Buying a water purification system

    In the last decade, the number of products designed to reduce contaminants in tap water has expanded significantly. In this article, I summarized a quick lesson on home water purification systems. Know the TASTE. Does your water taste funny or smell bad? Does it look reddish or leave Look for products that tackle specifically your problem.Filters reduce chemical contaminants, some metals, parasites, sediment. Provide about 1/2 to 1 gallon of water a minute. DEVICE. Choose a style that fits your needs: Pitchers with : Inexpensive. No installation; frequent filter changes (every 40 gallons). Faucet devices: Faucet with builtin filter — may require pro to install; filter changes every 100 gallons…

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    The Chinese Water

    For visitors, China’s water problem becomes apparent upon entering the hotel room. The smell of a polluted river might emanate from the showerhead. Need to quench your thirst? The drip from the tap is rarely potable. Can you trust the bottled water? Many Chinese don’t. What about brushing your teeth?s Suggested by the government’s own figures, more than half of the country’s largest lakes and reservoirs were highly contaminated by 2011 that they were no longer suitable for human consumption. China’s more than 4,700 underground water-quality testing stations show that nearly 3/5 of all water supplies are “relatively bad” or worse. Despite Chinese economic growth is striking, the quality of…

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    How to purify your water

    What is the best way you think to make your water clean? You may think that boiling is pretty much enough to kill all the bacteria. Well, you could just boil the water but this wouldn’t get the sand and other particles out of the water. So the best way purify your water is to use a filter. It gets the particles, dirt and some of other “unseen” chemicals out of your water. You can try homemade a simple water filter.  Use an empty bottle and turn the bottle upside down (with the cap down down). Then fill in the bottle with the materials in this order: – pebbles – Sand…

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    Water Solutions – When it comes to TASTE & QUALITY

    Water is a necessity of life and while water can come from many sources including bottled, municipal systems, rain water or ground water from wells or springs, not all water is considered potable and safe to drink. How safe your water is depends on several factors and what standards it is measured against. If you have any doubts as to the health of your water supply, ask your water system provider for a copy of their most recent water report. However, when it comes down to taste, even treated water can leave an undesirable aftertaste. Fortunately, there are still simple solutions for making tap water drinkable. And to our surprise,…

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    Water Solutions – When it comes to TASTE & QUALITY part2

    Other solutions for treating your water taste and quality are: 2.  Conserve your own water Whether you are trying to conserve water because your supply is limited or simply you want to save money because you are on metered water rates, there are practical ways to save water. Remember, while some may seem trivial every gallon of water not used means more money in your pocket. 3.  Activated Carbon Filters: Making Tap Water Safe and Pleasant Even though your tap water from a municipal or public water system is treated and safe to drink, it doesn’t guarantee water that is pleasant to drink. Treated drinking water that meets water quality…