Matter and energy

In Sweden, sweat machine turns perspiration into drinking water


The global water crisis has inspired innovative ideas for conserving water — or finding clean water in unexpected spots, such as human armpits. Partnering with UNICEF and Swedish advertising agency Deportivo, a team of engineers led by designer Andreas Hammar have created a device that can convert human sweat into clean, distilled drinking water.

Designed upon NASA technology that turns astronauts’sweat and urine into drinking water, the team constructed a drying machine that signatures high-tech filters purifying any liquid inputs. In the hopes of highlighting the challenges of accessing clean water in Africa and Asia, the machine was recently debuted at Sweden’s Gothia Cup tournament last month, where you could find plenty of sweat there.

Sweat-soaked clothes are casted into a compartment which spins and squeezes out all perspiration, which is then heated and treated with ultraviolet light and filtered to remove any salt, bacteria and other textile bits — and guess what, tasty drinking water! Would you like to try?

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