What precisely is a “Smoke Cabin,” and does my company require one?

What exactly is a smoke cabin, and do they benefit the environment? Some people call it a smoking booth, a smoking room, a smoking station, a smoking lounge, a smoker’s vestibule, and so on. It’s essentially the same thing with the same primary function, but with minor changes. 

smoke cabin is essentially a place to comfortably congregate and accommodate smokers and non-smokers in the same area while not causing any form of airborne pollutants or contaminants to damage the environment beyond the cabin’s walls. The most significant difference, though, is the filtration system’s quality. Traditional air purifiers will not suffice when dealing with fumes and smoke. The smoke cabins from Smoke Solution are equipped with innovative, proprietary, multi-stage filtration technology, including separate gas filters. What is the significance of this? 

Because it protects not only the smoker from inhaling even more hazardous gases and particles, but it also protects non-smokers and the environment by preventing smoke from escaping to the area outside the cabin. Simultaneously, the cabin’s interior will have its air cleaned. Another advantage is that smoking odours will be greatly decreased in the cabin, which means that stinking garments and smoke aromas will be less likely to be carried out with whoever has been in the cabin. 

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If you’re environmentally conscious like us, you might be wondering, “But how is promoting smoking benefiting the environment?” While no one would want to smoke in a dream world, because most of us live in a free society, which is essentially a dream come true, people have the option to smoke. Because people will smoke, we should make it a safer place for everyone: smokers, non-smokers, and the environment. 

Do I have enough room for a Smoke cabin? 

The answer is most likely YES! 

Smoke Solution has created solutions for virtually any type of environment, both indoors and out. So, if you have a small yet busy office, we have petite versions that have the same high quality and usefulness as the larger models, and their mostly translucent borders/walls make them very inconspicuous and open appearing, so your employees will never feel confined. We also have dozens of energy-efficient models for larger rooms and situations, including outdoor types that protect against wind and poor weather. 

Are the fronts closed or open? 

Yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes, yes …. (to both) 

Smoke cabin are available in a variety of sizes to meet the needs of your business, ranging from an open front to fully enclosed, as well as variants with protective glass. Do you want to see other types of smoking cabins and obtain more technical information? Click here to learn more about Smoke Solution’s product models and see for yourself how useful they are to businesses. 

Who uses the Smoke cabins? 

Smoke cabin are used in a wide range of organizations and sectors. We have clients in workplaces and office buildings all over the world, as well as hotels, airports, casinos, restaurants, manufacturing facilities, warehouses, ferries and ships, and so on.