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Water Solutions – When it comes to TASTE & QUALITY


Water is a necessity of life and while water can come from many sources including bottled, municipal systems, rain water or ground water from wells or springs, not all water is considered potable and safe to drink. How safe your water is depends on several factors and what standards it is measured against.

If you have any doubts as to the health of your water supply, ask your water system provider for a copy of their most recent water report. However, when it comes down to taste, even treated water can leave an undesirable aftertaste. Fortunately, there are still simple solutions for making tap water drinkable. And to our surprise, there’s also a downside to buying bottled water; it too can leave a bad taste in your mouth.

For those in rural areas and on private water sources (e.g. ground wells, lake or river), where the authority’s regulation on water quality has no much significance, the responsibility is on the consumer to ensure that their water is safe to drink. There are solutions for treating water from raw water sources. This article shares some solutions for the consumer to improve the taste or quality of their water, as well as to make treated tap water drinkable.

  1. Always prepare, secure clean water after disasters.

A treated municipal or public water system can occasionally fail and contaminants can enter the water supply, or a natural disaster such as a flood, or earthquake can cause your water source to become unsafe to drink. In these situations, your first step is making tap water drinkable.

Boiling water is often a temporary measure, until your local water authorities restores the water safety of your drinking water. Making your tap water drinkable involves at the very least, boiling it for at least a minute. You should also monitor your local news to know when your tap water is once again drinkable.

Every household should be prepared for emergencies or a natural disaster with a ready-to-use disaster kit, which may include the basics like bottled water or other portable water sources.

Go on to Part 2 for more solutions to improve the taste or quality of your water.

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