Matter and energy

Protect Our Earth by Saving Energy

The uses of lighting in a big city are way too much and according to NSTAR, 29% of energy use in non-residential buildings is used for lighting. 

But, did you know by turning off the lights can bring so many advantages to us? Besides saving your money and natural energy, it also can protect the ecosystem and environments. 

Here are the reason why turning off the light bring many advantages to our life and earth. 



Save Energy
If you have a 60-watt bulb and you turned it off for one hour, then you can save 0.06 kilowatt hours. 

Save Your Bill
By turning off the lights, you can save your money. 

Improve Your Quality of Sleeping
By turning off the lights, you can improve your sleeping quality and your health. 

Save Animals and Ecosystems
Dove and Magpie lose 4 out of 10 hours of sleeping time because of the exposure of the lights from buildings and residences. The night lights bring a lack of sleeping time that causes stress and lead to the death of species. 

By doing a little thing like turning off the light, you can have these four advantages to your health life and environment. As you can see, the animals are in pain to see the lights since they cannot differentiate between the light of the sun and the bulb. 

Without you knowing, you hurting them and makes them stress that leads to their death. Let’s save energy, turn off the lights when not in use. Together, we can protect our earth.