Ventilation Air is Not Enough for Indoor Smoking Area

Smokers who smoke in an indoor smoking area in office or warehouse everyday will recognise this. Every time they get into the smoking area, they will feel headache, dry throat, dry eyes, dry nose, and a bit dull. It is time for fresh air! 

We recognise that most of smoking area only depending to a ventilations system. But ventilation system is not enough to remove gas, odour, and smoke from tobacco. So, they are not an effective solution to smoking area because they are not designed for it. 

Smoking area with an air device is the best way to handle this situation. They can adsorb gas, odour, and smoke from tobacco right away and makes sure the office area and warehouse are safe and free from secondhand smoke. Want to know what it is? Kindly continue read this article. 

Indoor Smoke Cabin 

Installing an indoor smoke cabin from Smoke Solution would be the best solution to create a fresher air around the office. They adsorb tobacco smoke right away before it escapes to the outside room, and with the help of its air filtration system, the smoking area will be cigarette odourless. 

But, what makes the smoking cabin different with other ordinary smoke cabin 

Here’s the reason why! 

What makes smoke cabin best than ordinary smoking area? 

1. Have 3 air filtration systems 

The great thing about smoke cabin from smoke solution is their air filtration system. In fact, they have three air filter consists of :

  • Pre-Filter: Effective in removing larger particles such as hair 
  • HEPA Filter: Designed to trap smaller particles such as dust 
  • Carbon Filter: Specialized in removing odour from cigarettes 

With the help of these air filter, you don’t need to worry the cigarette odour will linger on your shirt or polluted other room. 

2. Have a Fireproof ashtray 

This smoke cabin provided a fireproof ashtray. So, it can keep the office building safe from fire. With the powerful technology, the ashtray will turn off the cigarette fire right away after the smokers throw it inside the pipe. Isn’t’ great? 

3. Customisable 

The Smoke cabin from Smoke Solution is customisable. It means, you can order a smoke cabin based on your needs and preferences. It could be the size, the number of air filters, colour, and other features. 

So, what are you waiting for? Go get this great indoor smoke cabin for your warehouse, office, and factory to keep your workplace safer, healthier, and free from secondhand smoke.