The benefits of Using Smoking Cabin for Our Environment

Cigarette ends are one of the most littered plastics in the world. Cigarette ends contain so many chemicals inside its filter that when the smokers threw the ends on the ground, it will flow into the sewer systems which is connected to the oceans. These ends will pollute the oceans and rives which will destroy the ecosystem and the habitat for the fish and other living creatures within the ecosystem. Cigarette ends contain a heavy load of toxic that can be harmful to our marine life and to our environment, and especially to our clean water. 

Usually, when we hear about cigarettes, people are most concerned about the health of the smokers and non-smokers. However, cigarettes can harm our environment, such as the smoke of cigarettes can cause air pollution and cigarette ends can cause soil and water pollution.  

The smoking cabin is not only to protect people from the exposure of secondhand smoke, but it also protects our environment from damage with their simple tool, an ashtray.

It may look like an ordinary ashtray we could find, but believe me, it is very useful to protect our environment from cigarettes. Here’s how: 

  1. Prevent Wildfire
    By installing a smoke cabin in your business area, smokers have to smoke their cigarettes inside and have to throw their cigarette ends to the ashtray. It seems common, but the data during the 2012-2016 says about 18.100 fire reported from cigarettes. 
  2. Pollution
    Cigarettes are the biggest sources of pollution, such as water pollution, soil pollution and air pollution. Why? A cigarette contains many toxins that harm our health and also our environment. A cigarette ends can pollute our soil and water and create poison to the grass and our water, and the smoke of tobacco release many toxins to our air and poison people when they breathed in.
    By forcing people to smoke inside a smoke cabin, you are contributing to protect our environment from this. 
  3. Animal
    Some animals will mistake it for food and consume it. If eaten by them, it can make them sick or even kill them.

By installing a smoke cabin, you are contributing with us to protect our environment and wildlife from the danger of cigarettes.