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Setting up an Indoor Smoke Cabin for Indoor Smoke-Free

Designing a smoke-free environment will increase your wellbeing since the pollution from the smoking room can affect your health. However, this could be challenging as there are many smokers around us. Are you looking for a solution to handle these problems of smoking pollution in your indoor area? Here are some tips to deal with it 

1. Make Smoke-Free Policies

You can make an internal policy to make sure your indoor area smoke-free. You can simply encourage the smokers to smoke outside the room as the outdoor area has wide open space and the smokes will be spread out by surrounding air.  

2. Provide an Indoor Smoke Cabin

A designated indoor smoke cabin can be an alternative for you as an indoor smoke cabin equipped with filtration system. Furthermore, you can save your time as you do not need to go outdoors.  

3. Clean the Smoking Room

As you have equipped your offices or homes with an indoor smoke cabin, you still need to clean the smoke cabin to get rid of the smell. The cleaning checklist are simply empty the ashtray container, and check the filters use regularly. Do not forget to also wash the towels and other cleaning tools after you have done it.