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How to Remove Dust from the Air?


Dust in the air can worsen air flows and lead to more problems. The best way to remove these dust particles is with an air purifier. Here are some features to look for when selecting the appropriate air purifier.

Air Filters

There are a variety of filters available. The HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air Filters) are most recommended for their ability to remove small particles from the air.

HEPA filters are also very useful for households with allergy and asthma problems.


Of course, you want to ensure that the purifier is able to capture as much dust from the air as possible. Check the label carefully to determine the particles that it is able to remove from the air. For example, a HEPA filter can trap 99.99% of particles that are 0.3 microns and larger – which includes most dusts.
Room Size

It is important to have the right sized air purifier for the size of the room it needs to clean. If the air purifier is too small, it won’t be able to move the air effectively enough to clean it. Thus, measure the size of the room before going to purchase your air purifier. Check for the maximum coverage area and select one that is slightly larger than the room it is intended for. (This allows the fan to be effective on a lower setting and not use as much energy.)

Noise Level

The fans in some machines are loud and it is not pleasant to put indoors. Selecting a purifier that is designed for a room slightly larger than the one it is used in allows it to run on a lower speedAs a result, the fan will not be running on high and will be quieter.

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