How to be an eco-friendly smokers

We may have found people who are tobacco smokers in any side of the world. Even though cigarettes contain many chemicals that are bad to our health, you can be an eco-friendly smoker by following these 4 steps. 

Do Not Litter 

Littering is bad for our environment, especially when it comes to cigarettes. Cigarettes contain about 8,000 toxin chemicals that are bad not only to our health but to our environment as well. 

When you litter your cigarette ends to the ground, the cigarette ends may stay for longer time in the ground, the chemicals will spread to the soil and pollute it. This can cause soil pollution that makes infertile land. 

Cigarette ends can go through water panels down to the ocean. Just like when it is on the ground, the cigarette ends will spread its chemicals through the ocean and pollute it. 

Which is why, try to not litter your cigarettes.  

Buy in Local Store 

Avoid to import cigarettes from the other side of the world. The reason why is because, you do not know how they collected the tobacco from the farmers. Are the producers give them the right wage, or are they use animal labours or so on? 

To be an eco-friendly smoker you need to be aware about this. That is why, it would be best if you buy the local cigarettes that are available in the nearby conveniences. 

Choose the Brand that is making a difference 

Choose a brand or company who are a responsible company. Usually, they put high commitment to maintain our sustainability. 

They will be more careful to collect raw material, and only be partnering with trusted suppliers. To do so, it takes a lot and many times of audit and survey to seek supplier that are responsible as they are. 

Besides that, a responsible company will consider to use paper packaging that are certified by NFC. The NFC certification is shown that the paper that we use are made of recycled paper.  

Smoke Wisely 

No matter what you do, it would be great if you smoke your cigarette wisely. Think about how much trees that are cut to produce cigarette packaging, and how much level of carbon dioxide that you produce by exhaling the smoke. 

By thinking about that, it can help you to reduce you smoking rate and quit as a tobacco smoker also.