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Guide to a funnier grill, greener grill


charcoal is about as simple a pile of grilling fuel as you can buy, but if you aren’t careful you won’t get what you really want and you’ll be back next time to buy another one. If my words hit you, then it’s time to give yourself some more thoughts – Which might suit my needs better? Any unique charcoal alternative that can give me beautiful barbecue experience?

Many people are surprised to learn that charcoal isn’t made exclusively from wood.  For those who only have knowledge about wood BBQs, they always find it hard to maintain a consistent level of heat. If the fire dies down, then they risk undercooking their food (not good with sausages!). They can’t easily increase or decrease the heat level if desired. They also end up cleaning the grill with heavy ash and half-burned wood – very messy!

Don’t compromise the quality of your BBQ anymore. In fact, charcoal can be made from a wide variety of materials, including coconut shells, peat, or sawdust. Among them, you can get the most satisfying BBQ result from those made of coconut shell – a material that produces a high-quality and extremely adsorbent charcoal without damaging the environment.

Try BBQs with good coconut charcoal, you will be amazed to feel like grilling with real wood rather charcoal briquettes. It gives wonderful, almost sweet smell to the smoke. It also gives little ash and burns very evenly. If you are using other types of charcoal, you’ll definitely have no problems getting the hang of using coconut charcoal. Grilling with coconut charcoal means you save the Earth by using an environmentally-sustainable product!

Until then, happy grilling!

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