Airport and Air Pollution

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I am a frequent traveller and have been to many airports. Airport is the first impression of foreigners to a country. A clean and fresh airport can always give a nice start of the journey. For years, I could find myself enjoying different airports and sometimes found it even nicer to have an overnight sleep there than a local hostel. However, in recent years I witnessed some unpleasant changes.

Demand for air travel is now higher than ever, thanks to cheaper tickets and easier technology. Anyway, the growing demand has mainly led to two consequences: more flights (including those of delayed) and more passengers staying in the airports. These will in turn increase the level of air pollution at airports.

More airplanes mean more sources of pollution. And more people mean heavier ground traffic needed to support air operations: push-back trucks, passenger or staff buses, baggage load, catering vehicles, just to name a few. Most of these articles are powered by diesel engines and operate closely to the airports.

The logic here is simple: airport buildings are ventilated to provide breathing air for our comfort. Large amounts of external air are now drawn into the buildings and this air will be heavily polluted. As a result, I witnessed the overall degrading air quality in some airports.

Controlling passenger flow is not easy. The more effective solution is to equip the Smoke Solution>airport with highly efficient air filters that can control particular and molecule pollutants. Assess the extent of the problem and tackle it with respective types of air filters. Also find the airport with qualify filters that are satisfy European standards.

Airports are the first check-point of foreign guests, don’t disappoint them.

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